Behind The Scenes Of A Fun Night Out

Dear Audy,

Hello! I am feeling well, hurrah!! Well, well in the sense that my silly chronic pain hasn’t gone anywhere, but I have gotten to a better level of coping. October and November brought a lot of minor injuries that caused major flare ups. I am happy to say that I think I’ve recovered from the worst of it and can get back to finally moving forward and feeling human again.

Talkie time! Just a few words on the thrill of leaving my house for the purpose of fun and the challenges that come along with doing so.

Having fun with my lovely friend Jen.

I didn’t know this until I read Carly’s post this morning, but today is International Day for People With A Disability. I am one of those! I am glad that today is one where I feel like I can celebrate being in control of my pain, rather than feeling smothered by it. Sure, I’m extra worn out from doing things this week, but I feel like I know what to do to recover effectively and that makes feeling the pain a bit easier. Things are easier when they aren’t scary and unknown. Expected pain is more tolerable than the kind that comes out of nowhere, like a wrecking ball.

The second piece of exciting news is that Ramp Up, ABC’s new disabilities website launched today. I have spent most of this morning reading through the wonderful articles that are already up, some by people that I’m lucky enough to know and some by people whose writing makes me want to know them better. If you feel like reading some very insightful and enlightening articles, head on over there! I’m excited to say that I will have some contributions published over the coming weeks, I’ll let you know when they are up for you to read, hurrah!

Now I shall sit back and relax happily, knowing that it’s necessary rest and knowing that if I treat my body well, it will let me go out and have some more fun tomorrow!

Love & A Quiet Day,

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  • 3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Of A Fun Night Out

    1. Tracey

      Having fun for ‘fun’s sake’ is DEFINITELY the best kind of fun to have!! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been feeling better and that you’re committed to the pursuit of ‘fun-ness’ despite pain. Hopefully eventually the former will outweigh the latter.

      YAY for clothes shopping!! :)

      PS. You look so happy in your photo!
      Take care.

    2. Suzanne Stewart

      OH Man…I’/ve definitely gone over there and its are wondeful!! Im so glad that you are doing things and having fun my dear friend…sending you love and a blessed,suzanne

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