And Sew It Starts

Dear Audy,

Two days in and going strong.

Well, not particularly strong, but going nonetheless.

Wednesday morning I was bouncing about filled with motivation. I managed to wake, eat breakfast and get in two coffees before beginning my Feldenkrais followed by sewing for 15 minutes plan. There are a lot of things that go along with sewing that take up much more time that the actual sewing itself. The project that I’m working on was only cut out, but still pinned to the pattern. Yesterday I cut out a piece I was missing and marked and removed the pattern piece from that part. Sorting out where I was up to and performing that one task took up my allotted sewing time.

My workspace. The dress I am working on is named Camille, I actually began her back in October, 2010.

Today was much more difficult.

Yesterday evening Sammy got a little bit sick (probably from a recent food change) and he needed to be bathed. Sammy does not go in the bath without a walk. I was on my own last night, so I needed to buck up, walk the dogs and wash the fluffy one before bed. I did as much stretching as I could fit in afterward, but it was still a very sore night for sleeping and an incredibly stiff wake up.

Minor setbacks don’t stop happening just because we try to plan around them. Physical tasks aren’t always able to wait until there is someone else around. In this instance I had to push through pain and exhaustion to take proper care of my furry little friend.

I am sore and fatigued, but not upset by this little extra challenge, even though it was on the day that I commenced my sewing challenge. When I am able to overcome something unexpected without an emotional breakdown, it is a good sign that my coping efforts are coming along nicely.

So, yes, today was much more difficult. I woke late, didn’t fit in breakfast, nor did I feel ready to do my 15 minutes of “work”. However, I did it anyway. I managed to motivate myself into my little work room just in time to get warmed up and start sewing at 11am. Just in time.

The 11am time that I have set aside for this sewing works well. It gives me a good reason to keep a regular waking schedule and to get my body and digestive system moving early in the day. It also provides a good deadline for me to aim for when I am feeling overwhelmed, like I was this morning.

I know that I can get things done when I have to. I know that I am capable of more than I currently do. These are the two main points that are motivating me to give this new plan a good crack. If I can find the right balance of physical activity and rest, I will be able to get more things done without setting off pain flares. I just know it.

Today, all that fit into my 15 minutes was marking and unpinning all pieces of the outer dress, bar the pieces that will become the skirt. That’s it. That’s all I could fit in.

One of the biggest parts of this challenge is stopping at the end, oh how much I would like to keep going! I’ve tried that, though, I’ve tried working too hard and I always end up in Flaretown. This time, I’m trying something different.

I plan to implement my sewing schedule from Monday to Thursday. I think this is enough to begin with. I usually have a Feldenkrais appointment on Friday mornings and I’m not about to start pushing for seven days a week straight off. Four will be fine. I started on Wednesday, so I might get excited and fit in an extra session on Saturday, I shall see how body pulls up after the work so far.

Love & Getting Somewhere Slowly,

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