All These Things That I Have Done

Dear Audy,

Hello again. I’ve missed you. I’m sorry that you haven’t heard much from me lately, the days keep spinning by and I do things and then I don’t do other things and then I do more things and sometimes I watch two seasons of Weeds in two days. It’s OK, I’m all up to date on that now, so you can stop with all that worry that Caf hadn’t seen all seven seasons of Weeds.

And now to tell you about the things!

  • I bought an iPad. So, that explains a significant amount of the time I have not spent blogging. I was playing Lego Harry Potter and choosing the prettiest RSS reader (it’s Perfect RSS, if you know of a prettier one, please be kind and share).
  • I have been procrastinating about dealing with the necessary paperwork for being me. BORING.
  • I have been dealing with some sudden rising and (thankfully) quickly departing flares. The last few weeks have been more riddled with them than the months before that. It’s OK, nothing that I can’t handle, however the handling part does take up more time and effort when there is an increase in the amount to be handled. Funny that.
  • I have been learning to extend, in a Feldenkrais sort of way. For most of my treatment, I have been teaching my body to move forward. Now, it is free enough that I am capable of starting to teach it to move backwards, a direction that it simply has not known for years. It’s harder to work on this when I am dealing with flares as I find the ATM (Awareness Through Movement) tracks that I know by heart are like little safe zones for my nervous system. It has learnt to feel comfortable through these movements and I can use them to lower my pain, whereas doing a new track involves more learning and a little bit less relief.
  • I have been looking after myself and the doggies whilst my prince was off on a mission. Taking care of us solo is a big job for me and cuts into my energy supply extensively.
  • I had my first treatment with Scenar. I’ll explain more about this later, once I have a chance to really evaluate how it has effected me. It definitely effected me, which is a good thing. I have had some rather odd sensations in the following days. I’m heading in for a second treatment tomorrow and rather curious to see how I respond this time!
  • I have been developing a survey for Chronic Pain Australia that will be the launching point for a series on the (coming soon) CPA blog. More on this later…
  • I have gotten a bit boring in the food department, I might need to spice things back up with some new recipes! I have continued making cookies from nuts regularly, they are too delicious to stop. I can’t publish the recipes because that would be plagiarism, but you can buy the same ebook I did here, or wait until I’m bored with these recipes and start to make up my own, which I will be able to publish!
  • That said, I did roast a surprise chicken, which was the opposite of boring. This was a first for me on two fronts. Firstly, it’s the first time anybody has ever given me a chicken so that my flarey self wouldn’t have to go shopping, thank you ever so much Emmie. Secondly, I had never cooked a whole chicken before, ever. It went fabulously and was delicious, thanks also to Mr Oliver and his awesome recipes.
  • I have gotten skinnier. It’s quite fun, this whole Paleo thing. I love the fact that I keep losing weight even though I’m really not capable of more exercise than a short, brisk walk a few times a week. It feels like my body is just slowly righting itself now that I am putting in the right fuel. I don’t actually know how much weight I’ve lost because I don’t own human scales and I am too lazy to recharge my Wii batteries. I’m only mildly interested in discovering this number, which I’ve taken as a sign that the weight loss really has been secondary to just getting healthy. If I were fooling myself with proud teenage girl lies and going Paleo was all an elaborate plan to get Leonardo DiCaprio’s attention, then I would be caring a lot more about the numbers. Which is good to know, because it’s pretty easy to unconsciously fool myself about motivation. The mind is a sly fox.
  • I have been buying clothes, because of the see above. Shrinking out of clothes is as confusing as bursting out of them, but with less self hatred. I have a really strange sense of my size and I’m still regularly surprised that things I thought would fit me don’t fit me anymore. Some of the things in my wardrobe were unworn because they were too small to begin with. Now, they are too big. Of course, I still have clothes sized 8-14, because the heavens forbid that the size on women’s clothing actually mean anything. The 8s are a new addition, I’m quite happy with those regardless of their insignificance.
  • I have thought about a lot of blog posts that I haven’t written. I’m trying to improve this practice. I just keep working at the pace of my days and activity levels and pain management and sparse commitments and slowly, ever so slowly, I get better at things and fit more in. I used to do very little and time to blog was easy to find, I actually think it’s wonderful that I’ve been able to progress past those times. I might not write as much right now, but I do more and what on Earth was I going to keep writing about if I never did anything?
  • That’s about it, really. A few social outings here and there, always with preparation and recovery time built in. I’m currently recovering from Lisa Mitchell’s Heavenly Sounds tour, which I attended in Melbourne last night. SUCH BEAUTY. It was wonderful. Church acoustics are stunning, much more impressive than a bar gig. Also, there were one page programs and a signed gift of the Spiritus single for everybody, plus one special prize winning note for a lucky attendee. Having attended countless gigs where the only souvenirs were overpriced, ugly, merchandise company efforts, I was very impressed with the spirit of this gesture. If Australia has a sweetheart, then Lisa Mitchell is it.

    See how pretty!!

    My plans for the weeks ahead are just to continue. I’ll keep pushing forward and see just how far I can go… and, at some point, I’ll be back to write about it. Stay tuned, Audy! Oh, and you are wanting to stay tuned to Facebook also, please be sure to add Rellacafa to one of your lists so that you receive the updates. Facebook now expects people to pay to have their updates seen by Likers & Friends, but you can personally manage your subscriptions by customising lists (less work than it sounds, I just have a list for all my pages and receive most updates).

    Have you been doing exciting things while I was gone, Audy? I’d love to hear about them!

    Love & Adventures,

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  • 2 thoughts on “All These Things That I Have Done

    1. Tracey

      Hello there! Well you certainly have been busy with lots and lots of things … and YAY for new clothes and for getting an ipad (I really do love mine … and how good is it to take to bed with you on a cold winters night?). :)

      I hope you’re still travelling well. :)

      1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

        Thanks, Tracey! iPad really is the BEST, I have discovered so many ways to entertain myself with it and I’m not even on to dirty options… ;P The most expensive addiction yet was to The Walking Dead comics, I started and then I had to by ALL of them…so goooooood. Big hugs to you! I’m always so slow on the responses but your comments are always much appreciated 😀 xoxo

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