After the Ketamine

Dear Audy,

I hope this message reaches you. I seem to have gotten stuck in a post ketamine holding pattern and I’m no longer sure whether or not the world is out there, whether people will still understand English or that anyone even remembers what a blog is…

It’s possible that some frustration and boredom have blurred together, rendering me temporarily dramatic. Don’t worry, everything sparkles here in Crazytown. Mwahaha!

Infusion Begins

The infusion was pretty super dooper (for those that haven’t been playing along on social media, I spent last week hooked up to bags of ketamine that dripped into me through holes in my belly for five days). My pain dropped more quickly than during the previous infusion and I enjoyed some delightful, glorious relief. I had a little flare up on the second to last day and so had a pain relief boost in the form of a bag of lignocaine that also dripped into me through belly holes.

I came home at about dinner time last Thursday and promptly passed out in the sweet, sweet comfort of my own bed.

Which is basically where I have been since then. I’m so very tired. I don’t feel like I snoozed in a hospital for five days, I feel like I went on a drug fuelled party rampage. I feel like I was awake the whole time, which is almost the exact opposite of what really happened. It’s no surprise, what goes up must come down and, also, the same week long episode of fatigue struck me after my last infusion. I mean, I’d have to have a pretty short memory to be surprised right now…

Except about this injured knee that I have. This is new. Well, new-ish. I (allegedly) injured it a few weeks ago by doing absolutely nothing. I’m serious, I sat wrong on the couch or something. Who knew that couches had a right?! It’s political correctness gone insane. Or something.

Anyway… I had the osteopath release the pressure so that my knee would stop feeling like it was going to explode and now it is really sore and soon it will be better again. Knees, ugh… Am I right?! Fickle joints they are, flimsy and fickle.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for my brain to wake back up, which isn’t going to happen today, which I can prove because I’ve had three coffees and it hasn’t happened and it’s after 4pm and that’s just basic science.

As for how the ketamine has affected me? CRPS pain is still low. It’s still present and bouncing around as the weather changes and sorer in some moments than others, but overall the peaks are lower than pre-infusion. If things keep trucking along like they did after the last time, the pain levels will stay low and maybe even drop further once I get over this fatigue.

Aside from a few strolls around the block, I haven’t been up for much movement yet. My brain and body wake up a little bit more each day and as I regain my powers, I will be using them to focus on physical therapy. The ketamine gives me a little break from astronomical pain levels and the best thing that I can do with that break is strengthen my body to better cope with future challenges.

Love & Recovery Snoozes,

P.S. In very sad other news, I had to say goodbye to my dear little Lucy-beagle a fortnight ago. It comforts me to know that she’s no longer in pain, but God damn do I miss that sweet little face with the floppy, floppy ears. I keep expecting to see her where she always used to sit… The missing, it hurts my heart.

20140118 Lucy

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  • 5 thoughts on “After the Ketamine

    1. Lori Joksch

      Sorry for your loss! But happy for all your ketamine pain relief! Try not to over do it even though every part of you want to. Tell me if you can. Did you go off all opiates before taking the ketamine infusions?
      So happy your doing so well. Lori

    2. Lisa Moon

      I’m so very sorry to hear of sweet little Lucy. That photo is so precious, I just want to hug it – and you. xx

      Hope the K exhaustion fades quickly and leaves good relief for you. I’m looking forward to similar treatments myself so hope to be not far behind you… I can relate to the spacey feelings,too. I felt kind of drunk, but pleasantly so due to it being a very low dose trial infusion. Fun covered by healthcare. Whee!! 😉

      Will continue to keep you in my thoughts, hon. Much love. <3

    3. Ross

      Good to see that the ketamine infusions are helping in giving you some relief. Hoping that you get over the exhaustion and how your feeling quickly. So sorry to read about Lucy! I hope that by doing these infusions that your quality of life improves dramatically. We live life as a constant battle but it’s one that we are going to win!

    4. Jessica

      Oh love. Good things sound like they are very (cautiously) good – I will cuddle my beagles extra-much today for you.

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