A Sketch My Brain Spewed Out In A Hospital Bed

Dear Audy,

Well, it has taken over a week and I finally have my feedback for the hospital completed. I will let you know a little more about that after they have had a chance to respond.

This is a sketch I drew when I was in hospital. It was just an image that kind of appeared into my head and then hounded me until I got out a pencil and scribbled it down…which was a lot of effort as finger co-ordination was not something that came easily whilst on the ketamine. Then I had to stare at it for a while and try to figure out what it meant and why I drew it. I think it has a poem…or at least a lyrical title that will accompany it when I turn it into a painting. I’m really not sure. Something about letting things tangle but still looking ahead…or kind of ahead and behind at the same time…but not letting go of the yarn…and yeah, I’m obviously still figuring this one out.


That letter was taking up all of my brain power…I have been in a lot of pain and on a lot of medication which does not equate to much brain power in the brain power pool. I think this is why Twitter is so perfect for me right now…such uncomplicated thought and yet still a means of communication…fabulous. If you have looked at Twitter and wondered what on earth the point was, I don’t blame you, I thought the same thing at first. But now I know a couple of important things. The first is that a lot of amusing people Twitter, so you can read their updates and just have a little giggle. The second is that it’s best used through an application like twhirl, which turns Tweeting into something like instant messaging with the whole world…with no obligation to reply and no obligation to keep following people who get boring. It’s also excellent for any time you have an amusing or important thought and have the urge to share that thought with the whole world…without delay. Twitter lets you do that.

Something has been bothering me and I think I need to fix it before I can tell the story of my ketamine infusion properly…and that thing is that I haven’t finished recording my RSD story. I have been recording them kind of ‘major point’ by ‘major point’, mostly meaning the different instances when it spread. I have not yet told you about when it spread to my hands. Once I’ve done that, I’ll feel like I’m making a lot more sense when explaining how the infusion effected me. Getting this done is my mission over the next few days…can’t get too precise about deadlines when you have RSD, it likes to make a mockery of them!

The next step in my RSD/CRPS journey is to get some more investigation done on my ankle, where the original pain started. I think there’s something there that is driving the RSD and constantly triggering it, so I doubt there’s much chance of me beating this monster while that’s still there! Sigh…more doctors…more waiting….at least I have you, Audy, you make lovely company on the long, repetitive and painful days.

Love & Unfortunate Flaring,


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  • 2 thoughts on “A Sketch My Brain Spewed Out In A Hospital Bed

    1. Hope

      OOOOO Hayley, another fabulous gift from your fabulously talented self. We are so blessed to have you on this earth. Keep em coming.

    2. Jeanne


      Wow! That drawing is just beautiful! You are extremely talented! Enjoyed our email exchange the other day. I’m trending towards twitter more myself lately because it forces me to limit the length of my messages.

      Currently CONSUMED by Endometriosis Awareness Month. We have a petition, an aggressive twitter campaign using #endo to code all endometriosis-related tweets, a letter-writing campaign, daily blogging (more than 1 post/day on most days) about endometriosis, creating new pages on TwitterMoms and StumbleUpon to publicize the endo campaigns, networking like crazy, writing an endo story to be included in a book coming out this month, guest blogging about endo, etc!

      I have taken on way too much and my body is mad at me. After 27 years with endo and often feeling helpless to further “the cause”, it’s hard to pull back when I can see and feel great momentum!

      I do need to watch it, though, because Hubby is afraid I’m going to land in the hospital (to the point that he has taken to setting my computer up to do an auto-shutdown at a certain time each night)!

      Anyway, I love your artwork and hope you are feeling much better!!!


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