A New Perspective On Dance

Dear Audy,

I am doing a little better (YAAAAAYYYYY). My neck is getting a bit better each day and a one on one Feldenkrais session yesterday helped a lot. I am getting a bit of my positivity back and finding focus to do things to lessen my pain and engage my mind. I started a new story today. I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but I awoke with an image and so I wrote. Often I awaken with images that I’d like to capture in words, however pain and a lack of focus often stop me getting these down. It feels nice to have started something new and to have regained control of my emotions enough to feel motivated.

I am currently feeling inspired after reading and watching a couple of videos from Dancing With Pain. I wanted to share these with you. I love the way that Loolwa dances with only her arms, if her arms are the only part of her body able to move without too much pain, or just her upper or lower body, depending on what she feels that day. The way in which she describes listening to her body and finding ways to move through and release pain sounds so familiar. It parallels the mindset behind Feldenkrais.

Dance therapy for chronic pain is something that sounds very interesting to me. Dancing is something that seems so dangerous and risky, however I suppose I am always thinking about it from the perspective of how I would have moved in my old body. I don’t need to move that way anymore. I don’t need to move any way in particular. I just need to move. This is the same way I think when doing small Feldenkrais exercises. I am often moving my shoulders and upper body around when standing or sitting, it had never really occurred to me before that this is kind of dancing. All that’s missing is a little music.

You can follow Loolwa’s blog here. I hope that she inspires you too. Music is soothing and movement is necessary, I think that almost everyone could use a little dance therapy. I have often missed dancing. Thank you, Loolwa, for showing it to me from a new perspective.

Love & A Little Boogie,

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  • 6 thoughts on “A New Perspective On Dance

    1. Kathryn

      I really enjoyed this Hayley! Last night I felt well enough to attend my 3yo granddaughter’s dance class and wanted to join in. I did notice that just the enjoyment of being there was a distraction from my pain. :=} What an amazing transformatin dancing has been in Loolwa’s chronic pain journey. I think I’ll give it a try – in the comfort of my own home as I am a very ‘self-conscious’ type of ‘dancer’. LOL

      1. Caf Post author

        It’s definitely something for behind closed doors, lol! I have been swaying and waving about a bit more since I wrote this, imagining it more like dance than just stretching or movement is helping me to loosen up! 😉 xx

    2. Jeanne


      THAT dancing is awesome! Great find! I just “liked” her page on Facebook.

      I’m glad you’re feeling better than you were!!


      P.S. I sent you an event invitation for the November 17th “Love Beats Hate” blogging event. :)

      1. Caf Post author

        Thanks Jeanne, I haven’t had a chance to go through my inboxes much lately, I shall try to participate if I am organised in time!

    3. Matthew Smith

      What’s with the new theme, Caf? The old one was really distinctive; there are dozens of sites with this theme and it’s kind of sickly pink (although maybe the sickly bit’s because I’ve had too many fizzy drinks this evening).

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