A New Article, A Video & A Little Tale Of Accomplishment

Dear Audy,

I actually feel better than I have been feeling over the past few weeks, everybody cheer!

In exciting news, my latest article for ABC Ramp Up, Chronic pain; unlocking the mystery, can be found here.

In the spirit of spreading awareness, I also wanted to share this video. It introduces a few people experiencing chronic pain and illness, including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Ashley has done a fantastic job putting this together! I am also super impressed by Sarah, one of the subjects, who is able to jump rope on a pogo stick…

I think that I am finally starting to adjust to being without Lyrica. My Feldenkrais practitioner gave an excellent explanation for what it feels like to come off medication like this: for years, the medication has been keeping my hypersensitivity volume dial on low and now it’s been turned up. That doesn’t mean that I need the medication to get the pain level back down, that simply means I need to remain calm as my body adjusts. Even though my symptoms have been flaring around like crazy, it’s only temporary.

My body is actually responding to this increase in pain and hypersensitivity better than it would have at earlier stages of my journey with CRPS. By being committed to practising Feldenkrais every day, I have been able to keep most of my muscles free and my skeleton aligned. This makes a big difference to the amount of pain I feel and will help me to get through this adjustment period as quickly as possible.

Despite my pain, I managed to take myself out last night to see a friend performing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This was a huge achievement as I had been trying to make it to the show all week! A glass of wine and a good laugh made for a very pleasant evening indeed. I am so glad that my determination was able to overcome my fear. Sure, I am extra sore today from the exertion, but I don’t have to do anything today, so that doesn’t really matter now, does it?

I am not afraid that this pain is actually damaging to me at all, it is simply something that exists, is unpleasant and will pass. This acceptance and understanding has been something that I’ve been trying to achieve for years, I feel so triumphant for finally getting there!

I hurt, I tire, but I am not afraid.

Love & Progress,

5 thoughts on “A New Article, A Video & A Little Tale Of Accomplishment

  1. Suzanne Stewart

    Hey Hayley, you are so great …I wonder if I could ever get off of all these opiods that I’m on with suckers and patches …its just too much and I’d like to get off of it.. I had Feldenkrais for a few times but the “teacher” said I wasnt a good candidate as I would get kidney infections, pneumonia etc (it was prior to the RSD when i had just the chronic intractable pain from the car accident injuries) but she said that the kind of horrid abuse that I’ve gone through would or could really hurt me with Feldenkrais because it was somehow bringingall of the “bad stuff” to the surface and my body was fighting it by making me truly ill..she had to stop doing it…weird huh??? she explained it better than this but I cannot remember exactly how she said and explained it but something like that…. you are truly a beautiful person…I”m proud to be your friend…love,suzanne

    1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

      Hi Suzy! I can only tell you that it sounds like that Feldenkrais practitioner didn’t know what they were talking about. It certainly can’t give you infections or pneumonia. It can bring emotional tension out because that often happens with a release of long built up physical tension, however it’s much more valuable for your body to learn to let that go than to hold on to it. Keeping tension is more likely to make one sick than letting go of the issues…. I hope you are feeling well! xx

  2. Matthew Smith

    Oh my God, that poor kid, getting a cancer in his prostate at age 5! That’s something that normally affects men in their 50s or later. He doesn’t seem to be in pain in that video (or not too depressed by it, if he is), but I do hope that whatever they have to do to him doesn’t mean he won’t be able to “function” when he’s grown up.

    I never realised that Tourette’s could be a cause of pain, so this video was quite enlightening.

    1. Hayley Cafarella Post author

      Terrible! I had never considered that Tourette’s would cause pain either, although after watching the vid and thinking about it I can see how that makes perfect sense. Learning things is lovely :)

  3. Tracey

    YAY for you! Getting to a place of acceptance and understanding is a wonderful thing. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been feeling better.

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