A Month Of Marvellous Music Madness Juxtaposed With Spring Flare Sadness

Dear Audy,

November has been such a busy and exhausting month that I’m rather glad that it’s almost over. Spring has brought a bout of bombarding weather with it. Melbourne has been through such unseasonal heat, rain and storms that I am starting to wonder if Australia has become a tropical island. My CRPS is less than impressed with all the temperature and barometric pressure ups and downs. I’ve had flares from my face to my toes, some lasting for days and some causing excess debilitation lasting for weeks. There have been days when I have been so incapacitated I have needed to call my family and friends to ask them to come around and simply feed me. I’m ever so grateful that there are wonderful people in my life who are willing to do this, however that doesn’t stop me missing my independence dreadfully. If personal control is something that you are able to hold in this world, please don’t take it for granted…choices are precious gifts.

In spite of the fact that I am exhausted, flaring and now suffering the added bonus of a twisted pelvis (to be sorted out by the Osteo ASAP), I have managed to have some fun this month and do some things that I am proud of, so I’m trying to remember and focus on those and not the crappiness that is my body’s state today. In truth, I am exhausted for good reason. I have had several more ‘outs’ this month than I am accustomed to, thanks to several artists I wanted to see deciding to all play Melbourne in the space of a fortnight. I use the term ‘artist’ loosely, one of them was Britney Spears.

20091129 Poladroid Mosaic

Seeing Britney’s Circus was pretty much exactly what I expected. We all know she’s not a particularly talented singer nor dancer, however there are many talented people behind the aging poplette that make her show worth watching, if not her CD worth purchasing. Everything sparkled, was over the top and the show was entertaining from start to finish. In spite of an Australian media backlash against her miming, the audience didn’t seem to mind in the least, bringing to life an atmosphere of cheering, dancing and singing along that one couldn’t help but be infected by. Sure, she looks like she could work out a bit, give a little more energy…but let’s give her a break, the marketing leeches milking this doe eyed cash cow are clearly draining most of the spark she has to offer.

The night before Britney, I was treated to the glorious voice of Tori Amos, playing her selections of keys in the beautiful Regent Theatre. It was the second time I have been lucky enough to indulge in live Tori, however the first time, after much excitement over purchasing near front row tickets, I was shattered to discover I could barely see her head over the gigantic piano. The bad staging sucked a little awesome out of the show. This time around I had central, dress circle seats, perfect positioning acoustically and not a bad view to boot. She creates the kind of intoxicating sounds that I can just close my eyes and enjoy and conjures that beautiful buzz in the air that makes live music so much more powerful than its recorded cousin.

To wrap up my month of concerts, it was off to Etihad Stadium to once again rock out to the brilliance that is Pearl Jam. There are few bands I can hold a candle for as the decades pass and the albums rack up. Actually, there’s just one (unless you count Jewel as a band…which I don’t…I mean, where does she hide her drums?). Eddie Vedder vocalises songs he has performed hundreds of times with the emotional power that they deserve and in return the songs themselves show no hint of tiring. I’ve never been to a Pearl Jam concert that didn’t rock right through every molecule in my body and this was no different, despite the ridiculous size of the venue. They might have been tiny specks across a football field, yet somehow they didn’t seem that far away. The added bonus of Ben Harper as support act definitely upped the overall awesome factor for the evening. I might have been stuck in a wheelchair and have suffered terrible, base vibration related pains afterward, however, I will never not buy tickets to a Pearl Jam concert in my town. Never.

Amongst all my music outings, I’ve had a few lovely and quiet catch ups with friends, been spoiling the little fluffy doggy, Sam and somehow trying to write a novel. My flares got in the way a lot and unfortunately, my goal of 50k words in a month is now far, far beyond reach. I believe I’m at about 20k, I can’t tell exactly as much of it is scribbled in a exercise book and waiting for dictation. The good news is I am still interested in my story, I enjoy writing without editing as I go and I will be continuing long after the season changes. For this reason, I still feel like a NaNoWriMo winner. Now that I am not striving to meet a writing deadline, I will hopefully find more energy for blogging and catching up on the wonders waiting in my Google Reader. Thank goodness for Google Reader, it stores everything up for me when time and pain make me their bitch.

Much love & Focusing On the Good Stuff,

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  • 2 thoughts on “A Month Of Marvellous Music Madness Juxtaposed With Spring Flare Sadness

    1. Jeanne


      I am so, so thrilled for you that you got wonderful seats to Tori Amos this time and I would have loved to be right there with you!! Having seen her live 4 times, I know the magical energy of her concerts. I believe she is a musical genius. I have every CD of hers, including the newest one: Midwinter Graces (which I highly recommend). I got the version that comes with a DVD. She is interviewed on the DVD on the making of a seasonal album. I love Tori!

      On a sadder note, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I know calling for people to help you with things like eating must have been upsetting and I’m sorry. :( I’m happy that you have people who are able to help you in such situations, though. I hope the flare-ups you’re having pass quickly!!

      Thinking of you,


    2. Matthew Smith

      Hi Caf,

      Not sure which type of wheelchair you’re using or how much, but if you’re in it a lot you might like to invest in a decent cushion, which would protect you from the effects of sitting down too long and, no doubt, from grunge vibes going to the wrong place 😉

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