A (Hopefully) Short Rollercoaster Ride

Dear Audy,

I have to laugh that the day after I write about my progress, I am writing to help get me through the horrid pain of another flare! That niggly pain that I mentioned in my right ankle decided to go full blown flare and spread right through my body. I managed to sleep overnight, however the pain today has been excruciating! It’s a violent rollercoaster, this thing called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I have a slightly altered quote from Forrest Gump stuck in my head. You know the part where he’s describing the “Big old fat rain” and “itty bitty stinging rain”…I am currently suffering from “Itty bitty stinging PAIN”. There are tiny pokers stabbing me all over my body and this incessant burning that makes me feel like calling for a fire truck to come and put out the flames.

20100120 Forrest Gump

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I’ve been distracting myself by ploughing on through that mass that has accumulated in my Google Reader. There are some glorious gems in there! Blogs I had subscribed to with the intention of checking out later are finally being checked out, thus, even though I am hurting all over, I still feel like I’m doing something. That’s my mission, you see, not to give in to the pain and lose my head about it. I am tired of feeling depressed. I can be in pain and still cope and get on with my life. The flare will subside, they are awful, but they always subside eventually.

A huge thank you to all the wonderful writers out there who share their journey with CRPS, your posts help to inspire me to hang in there more than I can ever tell you without sounding like a crazy stalker fan. There is a links page at the top of this one if you want to click through and see what I’m talking about, although, I’ll concede it’s a little out of date and needs a good updating.

The best thing about today is that rather soon, a friend will be here to hang out with me and keep me distracted. Never underestimate the value of good company.

Love & Persistence,

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  • 4 thoughts on “A (Hopefully) Short Rollercoaster Ride

    1. Jessica

      I got this today in my email and even though it is hard to live by the mantra, it is a good one to remember:

      Mantra for a Really Hard Day

      Pain does not go to the grave with us.
      Where there is Pain, there is Life.
      Where there is Life, there is Hope.
      Where there is Hope, there is Gratitude.
      Where there is Gratitude, there is Joy.
      Where there is Joy, Pain has no power.

    2. Carly Findlay

      Hey again
      Glad you feel like you’re achieving things and that through reading other blogs you’re feeling a little more uplifted. I always feel better when I am doing something, even if it’s just small.
      Pain pain, go away
      And don’t come back another day.
      Carly x

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