10 Confessions From Happier Times: An Almost Meme

Dear Audy,

I have been settling into the new home, although it still feels like the winds are blowing around me pretty intensely. I have been catching up on the goodness waiting in my Google Reader and stumbled across a lovely shout out from Todd at Thoughts Of A Frustrated Visionary. Thank you!

This blog meme didn’t come along with an icky and poorly photoshopped ‘prize’ image, so I thought that I would play along. Ten things about me? That can’t be too hard.

**It turns out it was. It was hard. I’ve been all grumpy and sore so a lot of my thoughts are all negative schmegative. I’m gonna have to spin this meme a bit, stop focusing on now because now is a little depressing.

Here are ten confessions from happier times:

20100714 Kiddie Skeleton

I once made friends with a step. The outdoor, concrete type. It was in my primary school and I remember sitting on it when there were days that I had no friends. I named him Steppy. I talked to him. I even took care to always step over him and not on him. I really felt a lot for Steppy, maybe I’ll go and visit him soon.

When I was in grade one, my teacher jokingly declared that she was going to marry the boy that I had a crush on because he was being helpful. I didn’t understand the joking part. I stood up and told her loudly that she wasn’t going to marry him because he was MY boyfriend (which he wasn’t). I think I had to go and sit in the corridor after that.

There was a girl who lived around the corner from me for a while whom I didn’t like very much. For some reason, when you are kids, that doesn’t stop you continually playing together until you inevitably fight again. After one fight, I took my anger out on her in the school yard with a serious dacking. Oh yes, I dropped her pants to her ankles. Fortunately for all of us, I didn’t get her knickers. Look, I’m sure there are plenty of dackings from my youth that I have forgotten, but never this one. You see, she didn’t pull them up. She just screamed until a teacher came and pulled them up. I felt that this was about the best reaction to a dacking that one could hope for. Despite the hilarity, I can see the wrongness of my actions now, neighbour girl, and if you happen to be reading, I am sorry.

Once, on school camp, I displayed my awesome by climbing out the window of our cabin, just for awesome’s sake. Later, at dinner, the teachers announced that a girl had been seen climbing out of the window and that this was hugely disrespectful and that she was expected to come and apologise after dinner. I was terrified. Later, when I had just about gotten up the courage to confess, I saw another girl talking to the teachers and camp running people. It looked like she was confessing. Phew, I thought, that gets me off the hook. I guess now I’ll never know if someone else was as awesome as me for jumping out the window, but slightly less awesome because their guilt did them in before mine did and in some way that felt like a win.

There is a historical park/museum thingie down at Warnambool. I was once let loose there with a friend at an age when being let loose was still a novelty. We were exploring a teeny tiny church from the olden days when I decided that life would be better if I jumped the barrier that was separating me from an enormous bible and turned the page. Ain’t no velvet rope gonna keep me out, I thought. As soon as I was over it an alarm sounded through the entire park/museum thingie that scared a good sprinting out of my friend and I. We spent a while hiding, you know, in case they were hunting us down but we were never caught. I’ve always regretted that I got scared before I actually got to turn that damn page.

My first crush was on Lucky Luke. Yep, the cartoon cowboy. I thought he was hot. I also had a thing for Astro Boy.

When I was a kid, I had a book called Racketty Packetty House. It was about living dolls. It was very old, it was very awesome. I read it again and again and again. I don’t know what happened to it and it haunts me to this day. I can’t seem to stop grieving for it.

My parents weren’t all that strict on me watching horror movies when I was young. I understood that they weren’t real, it was all in good fun. What they should have stopped me watching was Old Yeller. Oh God, it still hurts to think about it…

That said, I did have to secretly say goodnight to my porcelain dolls every night. You know, so they wouldn’t kill me in my sleep.

I lived in the same street the whole time that I was growing up. There were a lot of families who did the same, but also a couple of houses that brought us rent-a-neighbours. Once we had rent-a-neighbours with kids who loved to leave all of their toys in the backyard. I got bored one day and they weren’t home so I totally jumped the fence and just played with their toys. All by myself. I committed break and playery.

* * * * *

Oh yes, that was more fun than thinking about now. Good times, indeed.

Now for ten of the blogs that I like, in no particular order and with a bit of subject variety:

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Love & Linkage,

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  • 8 thoughts on “10 Confessions From Happier Times: An Almost Meme

    1. Melissa

      LOL, great list! And some of those seemed kind of familiar 😉

      Yey for good fun times. But you know, I reckon we could probably come up with ten from the last few years. If we really tried…

      1. admin Post author

        I’m late at replying, but YES! We shall definitely make some more of them…I just need to find more opportunities to be cheeky ;P

    2. Jen

      Ahh I love this post caf! Especially the bible story! I had 3 friends come visit me in hospital after my first surgery and once they found out that the chaple was near and the tv had a live feed they went and made arse’s of themselves and it was incredibly funny. My friend Faith (ironic name die to the story) almost set the bible on fire while playing with the candle that lay next to it. I never laughed so hard, so soon after dad passed away. Deep down I always felt sorry for the elderly people who may have been watching that channel at that time, watching my friends pull faces and talk about mooning the camera etc. Fun times for me.
      HAHA anyways, look forward to catching up this weekend.
      Jen Xx

      1. admin Post author

        Tee hee! It appears that unattended Bibles bring out the cheeky in a few of us ;D

    3. Della

      Fun post! I’d never heard of Racketty Packetty House, but I searched for it online and it’s by one of my favorite authors! Have you also read The Secret Garden and The Little Princess?

      1. admin Post author

        Oh really? It’s by Frances Hodgson Burnett?! In that case I should be able to find a copy SOMEWHERE! Must go Google, thanks!! 😀

      2. admin Post author

        OMG! They have just released a 100 year anniversary edition, as much as I miss my antique copy, I WANT THIS!! *Goes online shopping, ignores free ebook download in favour of real books*

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